Limited Addition Hematite Cross Necklace!

Hey guys! I’ve added another product to my shop on Etsy.  A cross necklace made of the semi-precious stone, hematite! Here’s a bit about it: the cross is made of polished black hematite, has wire wrapped around the middle, and is about an inch and a half long. It has a bulky chain that it is … Read moreLimited Addition Hematite Cross Necklace!

Samantha Parkington – An American Girl Doll

Samantha is my favorite doll, mostly because I look like her, and I love her story. She has pretty brown eyes and brown hair with bangs.  Her story is set in 1904 during the Victorian era. Samantha lives with her Grandmary in a mansion in Mount Bedford, New York, where she met her best friend Nellie O’Malley.   At … Read moreSamantha Parkington – An American Girl Doll