American Girl Create Your Own Dolls

Hey all! As Most of you know by now, AG has just released the Create Your Own dolls. They are so fun!!! Their logo is an adorable star with a finger print on it. I’ve been messing around with the designer. It is so fun! I spend most of the time designing clothes though. These dolls … Read moreAmerican Girl Create Your Own Dolls

My American Girl Dolls

Hi, I’m going to do a post showing what dolls I have and when I got them (If I can remember!) 🙂 I’m listing them from oldest doll to youngest, meaning the oldest doll to the newest. (So even though I got Kirsten last year, she goes first because she is Pleasant Company; versus Grace Thomas … Read moreMy American Girl Dolls

Important update from American Girl!!!!!

American Girl announced on Facebook yesterday, that they are getting rid of permapanties, reverting back to their original boxes and clothes are no longer going to be sewn to the box. Yay!  The update they posted is pictured below.   If you have any questions or comments please leave them below. Also if you want to … Read moreImportant update from American Girl!!!!!

American Girl Tenney and Logan Event

TheFriday through Sunday Of February 17, 18, 19 American Girl hosted  Tenney and Logan event. My little sister Brynn, my friend Gabby and I went on Saturday. They gave everyone who came a T-shirt, an activity and a guitar shaped cookie that was delicious. Also we got to see the new stuff and I compared my … Read moreAmerican Girl Tenney and Logan Event


  American Girl has released a new line of dolls called WellieWishers. There are five dolls altogether: Ashlyn, Camille, Emerson, Kendall and Willa. Each doll comes with an outfit consisting of a skirt, shirt, undies, some sort off matching hair accessory, and little rubber wellies (think rain boots). They are 14.5″ tall, and their whole body is made of a hard plastic, … Read moreWellieWishers

American Girl Doll Candy

So, with the Fourth Of July everyone is going to have a lot of candy. What better to do with the wrappers than turn them into doll candy? You will need: Marbles of assorted colors Tootsie Rolls, Dum-Dums, and bubble gum Scissors Hot glue Tiny (and I mean tiny) paper scraps Start by taking your … Read moreAmerican Girl Doll Candy

The History Of American Girl

Around 14 million American Girl dolls have been sold in the world, but most of the girls who own them have absolutely no clue as to how the company started; can you believe that?  So, I gathered as much info about the company as I could from friends, myself, and online and tried to explain it … Read moreThe History Of American Girl