American Girl Doll Candy


So, with the Fourth Of July everyone is going to have a lot of candy. What better to do with the wrappers than turn them into doll candy?

You will need:

  • Marbles of assorted colors
  • Tootsie Rolls, Dum-Dums, and bubble gum
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue
  • Tiny (and I mean tiny) paper scraps

Start by taking your Dum-Dum sticks and cutting them to the appropriate length for a doll pop. Hot glue the marble to the top of the stick (if you don’t want to put a wrapper on your Dum-Dum, make the color of the marble different and skip the next two steps).



Cut a little off the top and sides of the wrapper so it fits on the lollipop you have just made. Wrap it around the marble.



Now you have a doll lollipop!

Next are the gum and Tootsie Roll.

Take the wrapper from the gum and cut off the part of the wrapper that was twisted to hold the gum inside. (Save the part you cut off!!!) Your wrapper should look something like this:




Take the paper scraps (and the part you cut off in the previous step) and stuff them in the middle of the gum wrapper.



Twist the sides closed.

Your gum will look like this:




Next, the Tootsie Roll.

Lay the wrapper flat on the ground, cut the writing and a thin strip from the bottom off.(save those pieces!)


Follow the same steps as the Doll bubble gum, where you put the paper scraps in the middle and twist the sides to close it. Your Tootsie Roll should look like this.



You now have doll candy! Make lots of it and have a doll candy store!

Happy Fourth and thank you for reading! Please leave questions and comments below.

How To Make A Pioneer Rag Doll

How To Make A Pioneer Rag Doll

Hi, I’m Kenna, and I’m going to tell you how to make a doll from pioneer times.

Children in pioneer times did not have a lot of toys, and the ones they did have were home made.

Girls, especially, liked to play with dolls. Playing with dolls was a favorite pastime for girls. It taught them sewing and embroidery skills by making clothes for their dolls.

Dolls in pioneer times were usually made with scraps of fabric sewn together or tied together with yarn.

I’m going to show you how to make a rag doll like the ones they made in pioneer times.

To start you will need:

  • Skin (or white) colored fabric
  • A needle
  • Red and black colored thread
  • Pattern from the computer
  • Fabric scraps or stuffing
  • Two buttons

First, I printed a pattern off the computer.  Now, I know that there were no doll patterns in pioneer times, and that they made the dolls with their imagination, but for our sake, we are going to use a pattern. You can also draw one, but I printed mine off the computer here.


Second, I pinned the pattern to the fabric, then I cut around the pattern and removed the pins.

cut and pin

Third, I sewed the mouth on one of the doll pattern sides. I used red thread.

Fourth, I sewed the buttons on for eyes. I used black thread.

sew mouth

Fifth, I kept the black thread on the needle and started sewing around the doll.

sew doll

Sixth, I sewed until there was about two inches left, then I stuffed the doll with fabric scraps –  you can also use stuffing.


Final Step, After you stuff your doll, finish sewing and you’re done!

doll finished - happy face


You can also dress your doll like I did. I wrapped a thin strip of fabric around her and tied it in place with a string.  Then, I cut a small square from a wider strip of fabric and tied it to her with string.  For the bonnet I cut a square from fabric and folded it in half, then sewed it on her head like a pirate hat made out of a handkerchief.  It was really fun to make the doll, and I hope you have twice as much fun as I did making it.

doll dressed - happy face

Thanks so much and I would love to hear from you:-)

How To Make A No Sew Purse From An Old T-Shirt

What to do with those old shirts?  How about repurposing them as a No Sew Purse?  This is a great craft that you can do today, and the good news is you probably don’t need to buy a thing!  Here is a secret – you can make the entire purse in less time than it takes you to shower.

You will need:

  • An old t-shirt
  • Good fabric scissors (or scissors that you know can cut fabric smoothly)
  • No sew decorations (optional)

Step 1 – To start you will need to lay your old t-shirt that you want to turn into a bag on your workspace with about two inches off the table. Cut the hem of the shirt. If it is a long shirt cut about five inches off, if it is a short shirt cut about two inches off.

photo 1

Step 2 – Then start cutting fringes about three inches along the bottom  of the shirt.

photo 2

Step 3 – Next tie the fringes you cut together in a double knot tightly. Don’t pull too hard or the fringes will break.  If they are really thin, you may want to tie it five times. If you think the knots will untie when you put stuff in it, tie them more than twice.

photo 3

Step 4 – Next cut the hem off the neck and cut about an inch off the sleeves.

photo 4

Step 5 – Next take your no sew decorations like fabric markers or iron on decals or ribbon and decorate your purse!  This part is optional.


Step 6 – You finished your bag! Enjoy!

Please send me a picture of your no sew purse, and leave a comment below! I’d love to see your designs:-)