My Vacation To Dearborn, Michigan And Baltimore, Maryland

This post took me longer to put up than I was hoping, but here goes…We just got back from a week-long vacation where we went to Dearborn, Michigan and Baltimore, Maryland. We visited a lot of fun places like the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan and the National Aquarium, Historic Ships, and Fort McHenry in Baltimore, Maryland. We drove there, so in between places there was lots of school, Ipad time and reading. We started by driving to Dearborn, Michigan where we visited the Henry Ford Museum. We got there Sunday afternoon, and it was the last day of Greenfield Village to be open for the season – the village where they have Henry Ford’s house, Tomas Edison’s  house and work shop, the Wright brother’s house and workshop, and so much more. We were only able to be there an hour, because like I said earlier, it was closing that day. Here are some pictures from the village:

This is a horse drawn carriage that I saw.
This is a horse drawn carriage that I saw.
And this is a close up of the horses.





The day after, we went to the museum part of the Henry Ford, and took a bus to the Rouge Factory and watched how they made pick-up trucks. Sorry that I didn’t get pictures of the trucks being made, we weren’t allowed to take photos in the factory part, but I got some of the main area:

Me and my siblings in front of the Henry ford factory.
Me and my mom and siblings in front of the Henry Ford Rouge factory.


Then we came back and went to the museum part where we saw things like old airplanes, trains and cars, old inventions, old doll houses, a dymaxion house, and so much more! Here are some pictures:

This is a replica of one of the carriages from the first train.
This is a replica of one of the carriages from the first train.
So is this.
This car won a race in 2011
This car won a race in 2011.
This is the interior of an old train car.

Then we left and went to Baltimore Maryland. We started by visiting the National Aquarium. We saw some very interesting fish, sharks, jellyfish, and a lot more:

This is the escalator we had to ride to get up to the jungle area.
We got to touch jellyfish. They were slimy!







This is kind of creepy. The sting ray looks like it doesn’t have any eyes.

The day after we visited some very cool old historical ships. We saw a Coast Guard boat that was at the bombing of Pearl Harbor, and an old submarine. They were cool, but I would most definitely not want to live on one!



Then the day after that we saw Fort McHenry. It was a-maze-ing! It looked so peaceful, but on the night the Star Spangled Banner was written it was anything but that. There we got to participate in the changing of the flag ceremony, where we took one flag down, helped fold it, and put a new one up.

This flag is a replica of the actual flag flown at Fort McHenry. Looks smallish, doesn't it?
This flag is a replica of the actual flag flown at Fort McHenry during the War of 1812 when Francis Scott Key wrote the Star Spangled Banner. Looks smallish, doesn’t it?
This is the flag up close, but - its only 1/9th of the actual size.
This is the flag up close, but – its only 1/9th of the actual size. It’s big isn’t it?
We got to see a ship docking.
We got to see a ship docking.

Sorry for a lengthy post, I hope you enjoyed these photos of my vacation and what I did. Thank you for reading, and please leave questions and comments below.

My Gif.s

A Gif. (pronounced jif) is a mini movie of one thing doing the same thing over and over in a loop. Recently, I went to a class at my library, and I made two Gif.s.  Here is my first one:


I filmed myself bringing my hand up and waving, then I played it in a loop. The second one is not of me – I drew a bunch of pictures and strung them together kind of the way you do when you make an animated movie.


Thank you for watching – I hope you enjoyed!  Please leave your questions and comments below. Thank you!

Camp Harvest


Hi all, sorry it took me forever to get this up – here you go!

Imagine you’re in a place with beautiful fields full of flowers, lakes to swim in, lots of trees, fresh air, and plenty of places to worship God.

Camp Harvest has that and a lot more.

At Camp Harvest, the action starts right away. After unloading, unpacking, and learning what team you’re on and what cabin you’re in, you take a swimming test.  You have to swim a long way and then tread water. If you score red or green, your options of water activities are very limited; if you score blue, you can do everything. You get a number on the band they give you.

You eat in a dining hall, and worship is held in the room under that.  You sleep in cabinsactivities. The girls’ cabins and boys’ cabins are always in the same place, but they are separated – boys are a little behind the dinning hall and girls in front of it.

During the waterfront or water park (two different lakes) hours you can swim and do canteen. They alternate which lake you go to each day. During Courtside, you can play games like gaga ball (a game in which you try to hit other players legs without yours getting hit) and four square, and you can also do canteen. What’s canteen? Well, its either a bus or a shed with candy in it that you can pay for. You go up to the bus or shed and the person inside asks for your number, tells you how much money you have left, and then asks what you want. Everything is one dollar to a dollar fifty.

There is always game time on the big field every day where there are team games. On the last day there is a big game where all the different teams get to coat themselves in their paint color.

After breakfast and after dinner there are worship sessions. Each session lasts 30 minutes, and after worship there is group discussion where you talk about what you learned and/or do an activity. The sessions this year were done by Pastor Landon.  His sermons were so powerful that 13 kids accepted Jesus into their hearts in one night!

10 Reasons to go to camp:

  1. You feel so much closer to God
  2. You grow and mature
  3. You learn to handle things yourself
  4. You learn to live without your parents
  5. You learn to live without your modern day comforts
  6. You grow closer to God
  7. You have fun playing in the water
  8. You get to learn fun stuff
  9. You get to eat a lot of treats
  10. Bedtime is 11:00

There is one drawback to the camp that makes me really upset, they play really bad secular music, it almost makes me not want to go.

To learn more about Camp Harvest go to: