Grace Thomas – The 2015 American Girl Doll of the Year

Grace Thomas – The 2015 American Girl Doll of the Year

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American Girl Report: Grace Thomas 2015 Girl of the Year

It’s January 1st, and I’m in front of the American Girl factory in Middleton, Wisconsin. They have just announced the new Girl of the Year, Grace Thomas.

She is a talented baker, and she goes to Paris to help her aunt, who is having a baby. She is a pretty, freckle-faced doll with straight brown hair and blue eyes. She is about $120 – $158, depending on if you get her accessories and if you get her ears pierced.

Her big item is a French bakery (literally), and you don’t want to know the price. Do you? I’ll just tell you – it’s $500, plus tax and shipping.

I’m going to get it as soon as I make enough money selling jewelry! But… that’s another topic; let’s get back to the reason mom and dad drove me up to Wisconsin!

Grace’s bakery comes with:

A fancy bakery case for displaying goodies, with a shelf and faux-marble countertops

  • A cute pretend refrigerator with a door that opens
  • Make-believe baking ingredients: a flour box, sugar box, two sprinkle jars, pastry dough, a pastry bag for decorating, milk, and eggs
  • Doll-sized baking supplies: a mixing bowl, whisk, spatula, hot pad, baking sheet, tart pan, cupcake pan, and rolling pin
  • Lots of pretend French treats: four cupcakes, two croissants, two stacks of macarons, two baguettes, two chocolate tarts, two berry tarts, two lime tarts, three large pink berry macarons, and two strawberry bars, and two pastries, plus sparkling water
  • Two plates, four napkins, a pink pastry dome, a serving plate, and a silver-colored stand
  • Pretend money, paper menus, and recipe cards
  • An “open” sign and a reversible poster
  • A cupcake box, macaron box, two tart boxes, two paper baguette sleeves, and shopping bags

American Girl Announces the 2015 Girl of the Year

That’s a lot, right? If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below. Thank you!

Photos courtesy of American Girl

American Girl Doll of the Year 2015 Grace Thomas       Grace Thomas 2015 AG Girl of the Year French Bakery

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