Hartian Vacation to Williamsburg!!!! :-) Sunday through Tuesday.

Hartian Vacation to Williamsburg!!!! :-) Sunday through Tuesday.

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Soooooo, We made a last minute decision to go on vacation (something that seems to happen quite a lot!) to visit Williamsburg. Huzzah! (My patriotic mood is quite strong due to the fact I brought two books about the Culper spy ring, and Mrs. Cote’s The Voice the Revolution and the Key. Also, we stopped at Barns andobel and got, among other things, a book of the history of the revolutionary war.) We were talking about this vacation off and on for a couple weeks. Sunday came, and we weren’t sure if we were going. I mean, we didn’t have a place for Dixie, (our dog) and we didn’t have a hotel. Then suddenly everything fell into place (thank you Lord!) and we left Sunday afternoon. Not last minute at all, huh?


Also, sorry the first three days are in one post. I decided that since we didn’t do anything Sunday I would combine that and Monday, but then I forgot, then I also forgot to blog Tuesday (Maybe it had something to be do with the internet not being invented yet?😁)…


Sunday and Monday were driving days. We didn’t do much Sunday because we left at four In the afternoon. 😜🙃😉. Thus, all I have are these pictures.

I decided to bring my Lissie because we are going to Williamsburg Virginia. Both this picture and the one of Wilia are unedited.
Willa is beautiful! I took her hair down for the first time, and Woah!!!!!!
I like drawing maps.
It’s a Fire cloud!
See if you can spot the cloud that looks like a man in a fedora….
We also saw this beautiful Rainbow. God is so good. He always keeps His promises.
Ricky spotted these clouds as we were driving. The sun coming out from behind them… isn’t it beautiful? Clouds like these always make me think of the vastness of God.

Actually, one thing did happen Sunday night. It was late, and we couldn’t find anything to do for dinner, so we decided to get food at a rest stop. Ummm, that was a mistake on our part. Due to the fact that we don’t really eat much fast food, some of us got sick and were up half the night…. 🙂

Monday, we drove from Ohio, to Williamsburg Virginia (brownie points if you know which queen the state was named after!)  We stopped at Barns and Noble to get books because I definitely didn’t bring enough. (See my reading material photo. That was before Barnes and Noble😏). We bought Fawkes from the author of my favorite Trilogy, Nadine Brandes. IT IS SO GOOD!!!! We also bought a guide to national parks, the forth book in the Five Kingdoms series by Brandon Mull, and a couple other books for my siblings.

This is the reading material I brought. ….Before we went to Barns and Nobel….
This is the book I got by author Nadine Brandes. It’s REALLY GOOD.. Go read it. Now.
And then;  Some meh quality photos of the countryside as we drive by….

Tuesday, we slept in late because we got in late. When we woke up, we decided to go to Williamsburg. I wore my period dress that I had gotten from a previous trip to Williamsburg. 🙂 We took a tour of the Governor’s Palace, saw George Wythe’s house, explored some of the shops, saw a fife and drum demonstration and ate Linner (Lunch & Dinner) at Chownings Tavern. During the tour of George Wythe’s house (Which I wanted to see because that is where Patrick Henry got one of the signatures on his law license. Mrs. Cote has trained me well with her books. 😏), we saw a teapot that loudly proclaimed “NO STAMP ACT.”😁

The Lion and the Unicorn were fighting for the crown. The lion beat the unicorn all around town…
This was the crest of great England during the 1700’s.
It was in the main entrance of the Governors Palace.
The outside of the Governor’s Palace
An unedited picture of my pre-BF Lissie. I’ve been wanting to take photos of her at Williamsburg, but have been worried about the heat.

I found this in George Wythe’s house. I love it!

The signers of the Declaration of Independence.
It’s Cato!!!!!!


Thank you for reading this rather long post. I’m much obliged. 😁 If you have any good history book suggestions add them below. Also any questions or comments. 😁

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