Limited Addition Hematite Cross Necklace!

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This is a picture of my item.

Hey guys! I’ve added another product to my shop on Etsy.  A cross necklace made of the semi-precious stone, hematite!

Here’s a bit about it: the cross is made of polished black hematite, has wire wrapped around the middle, and is about an inch and a half long. It has a bulky chain that it is attached to that is 24” long, and it is perfect for both men and women. It’s a limited addition item because I’m not sure if I can get more of the hematite (don’t you just love hematite jewelry?).

Hematite uncut and unpolishedI’m also going to tell you a little about the semi-precious stone, hematite:  hematite is the mineral form of iron. It is colored black, steal, silver gray, brown, reddish brown, or red. My necklace is made of polished black hematite with a slight sparkle.  It’s beautiful, and I believe that black is the most common kind. It is derived from the Greek word for blood – haima – because it can be red in its powdered form. It is used as a pigment in paint and is known as kidney ore (which is red) when it forms in a reniform (kidney-shaped) habit.

How to Clean and Care for Hematite:

  • Store it so that it is not touching other jewelry pieces! Hematite is in the middle of the hardness scale so it gets scratched easily.
  • Keep it clean, but never put chemicals on your necklace! Clean it using mild soap, water, and a polishing cloth.
  • Don’t put hairspray, makeup, perfume, or lotion on after putting your jewelry on; put it on first!
  • Don’t casually toss it around!

I also sell other items in my shop: silver tone cross earrings, gold tone cross earrings, silver and gold tone heart lockets for girls, and matching lockets for dolls (like American Girl!)  Thank you for reading, and for a link to my new item please click here.

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