How To Make a Candy Story

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M&M’s, Hershey Bars, Jolly Ranchers, Almond Joy, Milky Way

This is a fun game for any party!

Start by putting pieces of candy on a table like M&M’s, Hershey Bars, Jolly Ranchers, Almond Joy, Milky Way, etc. Then group people into groups. I suggest grouping them into groups of 5 or 6. Then tell them to write a candy story using every single piece of candy you put on the table.

Give the people who had the winning story a prize. I suggest the candy on the table as the prize. Here is the story I wrote:

One day a lady named M&M decided to visit her friend Hershey. Hershey suggested they go visit Jolly Rancher.

On their way to Jolly Rancher’s house, they bumped into their friend, Reese’s Pieces, who said, “ouch!”

“Sorry, Reese’s Pieces,” said M&M.

“Where are you going?” asked Reese’s Pieces.

“We are going to Jolly Rancher’s house,” said Hershey.

“Can I come too,” asked Reese’s Pieces?

“Of course you can; you are his best friend,” said M&M.

When the three friend’s got there, Jolly Rancher was not happy, and they couldn’t cheer him up. So, Hershey suggested they go to Milky Way Pond.

Milky Way Pond is Jolly Rancher’s favorite place,” said Hershey.

At Milky Way pond they had an Almond Joy of a time, especially Jolly Rancher.

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