How To Make A No Sew Purse From An Old T-Shirt

How To Make A No Sew Purse From An Old T-Shirt

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What to do with those old shirts?  How about repurposing them as a No Sew Purse?  This is a great craft that you can do today, and the good news is you probably don’t need to buy a thing!  Here is a secret – you can make the entire purse in less time than it takes you to shower.

You will need:

  • An old t-shirt
  • Good fabric scissors (or scissors that you know can cut fabric smoothly)
  • No sew decorations (optional)

Step 1 – To start you will need to lay your old t-shirt that you want to turn into a bag on your workspace with about two inches off the table. Cut the hem of the shirt. If it is a long shirt cut about five inches off, if it is a short shirt cut about two inches off.

photo 1

Step 2 – Then start cutting fringes about three inches along the bottom  of the shirt.

photo 2

Step 3 – Next tie the fringes you cut together in a double knot tightly. Don’t pull too hard or the fringes will break.  If they are really thin, you may want to tie it five times. If you think the knots will untie when you put stuff in it, tie them more than twice.

photo 3

Step 4 – Next cut the hem off the neck and cut about an inch off the sleeves.

photo 4

Step 5 – Next take your no sew decorations like fabric markers or iron on decals or ribbon and decorate your purse!  This part is optional.


Step 6 – You finished your bag! Enjoy!

Please send me a picture of your no sew purse, and leave a comment below! I’d love to see your designs:-)

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  1. Hey Kenna! I LOVE this project! I remember doing it in Project Club at Heart-and my sister loves them so much she made one too! Nice job!

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