Hurricane Harvey Relief Missions Trip –   Day 1-2

Hurricane Harvey Relief Missions Trip – Day 1-2

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I find that I tend to clump the driving days together. Is that good with you guys, or would you prefer them separate?

So, around October, my youth Pastor announced that he was going to take fifteen adults and high schoolers on a missions trip down to Texas to help clean up after Hurricane Harvey. I decided I wanted to go and signed up.

Now the trip has started! (For the record, if you were curious about what happened to my hair, I sold it to go on this trip). We drove down to Texas instead of flying, switching cars periodically so that, as Kyra put it, “We don’t end up disliking each other by the end of the drive.” 😂 We took three cars, and I managed to stay in the same one the whole first day.

Mom had me bring some homework, and she got me new books, so nobody heard from me for part of the trip.😏 Before we left, Pastor Josh had each of us create a one-hour playlist, and we took turns listening to each other’s favorite songs. For lunch, we stopped at Culvers, and for dinner, we stopped at a quaint little barbecue place that served delicious food.

The team (left to right): Me, Mrs. Graham, Mr. Graham, Ethan, Carson, Mrs. Hand, Mr. Hand, Hope, Abi, Morgan, Cassidy, Kyra, Sydney, Jaclyn and Pastor Josh.


Pastor Josh’s car
This was the Graham’s car, and the one I managed to stay in the whole time. 🙂

This was at the gas station. A, “Careful, slippery,” floor sign – shaped like a banana!

Some of the team brought their cameras.
Warm weather!!!!!!! (At our first stop it was SNOWING!!!)
I do believe Abi did this the best. You?
Mr. Hand stuck a walkie-talkie under Pastor Josh’s seat. Pastor Josh had no clue till Mr. Grahm started talking.😏😂 “You are going too fast. This is God speaking!”

Day 2 (ish.)

We drove into Texas (I ended up in Pastor Josh’s car this time ;-)). The first gas station that we stopped at played Christian music. This is what Kyra said, “I bet Kenna loves this place because they blast Christian music and sell pocket knives.” My reaction: 😑😂.

Anyway, the place we stayed at the night before was beautiful! We did devos, and Kyra talked about procrastination based on Luke 12. Everyone was more talkative; and I heard a rumor that Kyra, Sydney, and Carson played charades in the car. I’m not entirely sure how that worked out.

When we got to our week’s residence, we took a tour, went grocery shopping, ate at Chipotle, and came back to get briefed.

What the Reach Global (RG) person said was moving and sad. Did you know that Hurricane Harvey Impacted 500,000 homes, killed 70 people, had winds of 130 mph, and didn’t behave like a hurricane normally does? I’m so glad God gave my friends and  I the opportunity to help people who are still suffering from this drastic tragedy.

Part of where we stayed the night before.
This actually has nothing to do with the trip. I was bored, so I edited some photos I had before. The poem is from LotR.

This is a luna moth.
My view. 😍
This is the only pic I have of the place we will be for the rest of the week.
We had to go grocery shopping, so the kids wandered around, then waited outside. Abi was able to start a conversation with a woman about what we’re doing.
Hope took this picture.


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