Hurricane Harvey Relief Missions Trip Day 3

Hurricane Harvey Relief Missions Trip Day 3

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Today was our first “real” missions trip day. We got up and went to breakfast, which was served in a continental hotel type of way. I had hard boiled eggs, a piece of coffee cake, and cereal. It was pretty good. :-). After breakfast, we listened to a devotional and did some training (but it was basically looking at a screen while someone talked).

The person who did the devotions talked about Matthew 15:13-36. He marveled at all the ways the disciples saw God during this time. It’s actually incredible! There are more than 15. We were taught how to do a prayer walk.

Basically, it was a list of things to pray for, like: The homeowners, encouragement, blessings, reconciliation with God and others, etc. Then we learned some rules and safety, like don’t go off alone, don’t go in anyone’s house, don’t play with strange dogs, don’t start an argument, and other good stuff.

After the training, our group split up. Mr. Hand went for some further training, because he is my groups’ leader, while Mrs. Hand, Mrs. Graham, Sydney, and I went to prepare two sets of lunches. Then we left in two different groups.

My group included Mrs. and Mr. Hand, Jaclyn, Abi, Hope, and Pastor Josh (at least for today – I think he might be going back and forth). The other group was Mr. and Mrs. Graham, Ethan, Sydney, Morgan, Cassidy, and Carson.

The person who’s house my group went to was not there. We got a lot done. For a little while, I swept the floor and was trying to get rocks and dust out of the place where you put the trim so the drywall would fit. After that, I mainly followed Abi around with screws. πŸ™‚

It was really sad and strange. We drove a little way to get there, and everything looked normal except the occasional large pile of debris, but if you looked in the homes, they were trashed. Houston got almost two feet of water. Abi (and Cassidy), made the correlation that you can compare those homes to people, from the outside they looked perfect with very little bumps or bruises. On the inside, however, they are a wreck. Every person has something going on; every house needs something fixed. Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t share Christ with them. It may just mean they need Him more.

During lunch, Hope shared her devo about trusting in the Lord to give us strength, based on Isaiah 40:31. After we finished for the day, we drove home. I really wanted to head straight to bed! But, we got drywall dust everywhere. I was thinking, “The poor rental cars! I have a feeling they are going to end up very, very dirty.”

Anyway, after cleaning up, we ate dinner, which was hamburgers, and WATERMELON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. There was also ice cream for dessert. After dinner, we did a prayer concert where we started by thanking and praising God, then asking for forgiveness, then praying for requests. We also sang two songs – Build Your Kingdom Here and Good, Good, Father.

It got really messy.
The house’s backyard.

Right as you walk inside.
My pants and mom’s boots. Everything was covered with white, chalky dust!
The outside of the house.

This is a snake we saw. It was decided he should be named Snakey Boi.

Because I followed Abi around with screws, I mostly have pictures of her today.

Kyra was taking pictures of me. πŸ™‚
Hope. πŸ™‚

I was told to mark the walls where the studs were so Abi would know where to put the screws in. I drew wonderful little pictures.😁
During moments when we were waiting for the next drywall sheet to be ready, I found ways to amuse myself……
Kyra looks so tough with her staple gun. πŸ™‚
Me with those precious drywall screws.
We ate lunch in the back because of the marvelous breeze.
Smiling with our eyes. πŸ™‚

This is the Reach Global peoples’ dog. Her name is Sadie, and she’s super friendly.
This is a picture from the drive down that Carson took.
I love this picture.



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  1. That’s my girl writing this. Love you, Kenna. Don’t lose those screws. And be careful. Praying for your group.

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