Hurricane Harvey Relief Missions Trip Day 5

Hurricane Harvey Relief Missions Trip Day 5

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Our second to last day – this has gone by so quickly! Breakfast was pancakes and fruit. The devotional this morning was about Esther and trusting in what the Lord has planned for you. After breakfast, we fixed the lunch stuff then left to our job sites.

Pastor Josh drove us there, left to go help team one, then came to pick us up. Today we were able to get everything insulated, almost everything drywalled, and started mudding (sticking plaster over the cracks). Mudding is SO MUCH FUN, but SO MESSY! 😂 (see picture below….)

The owner came and worked with us again today. He really wanted us to finish the pool, but it started raining before we could power wash it. It was Jaclyn’s turn to give us the devo, and it was also about trusting God and following what He says. She did a great job.

Before lunch, we finished the insulation and almost all the drywall. After lunch, we finished the drywall and started mudding. The thing with mudding is that you have to be really precise because that’s what you’re painting over. Also, when you go over the screws they have to be all the way in the wall or the mud won’t go over it.

When we tried to clean the mud off the mud pans and blades (we used a hose that was outside) we got water all over our legs.  Then, it started pouring outside. We were soaked!

When Pastor Josh drove us home, we had to have the heat on because we were so cold. (I think they just didn’t put the air conditioner on). After cleaning up, we just hung out in the mess hall.

Pastor Josh taught us a card game. I just watched, half listening. It was funny because later during the game, I mentioned something about the rules, and Carson said something like, “How do you know more than I do? You’re not even playing!” We all started laughing. Then, we switched games and were going to play slap, but we couldn’t remember the rules and it seemed like everyone played it differently. We weren’t able to figure it out before dinner, which was pulled pork sandwiches. They were good.

During dinner, we tried to play two truths, one lie. That didn’t really work out, though; we kept interrupting each other to have random conversations. After dinner, we cleaned up the kitchen, then went out for ice cream at a place called Fat Cat. It was tasty.

Just saying – sorry the pictures are not in chronological order.

Mudding. 🙂

Our groups’ job today was to clean up the kitchen after breakfast and dinner. Team one had breakfast, and team two (the one I’m on), had dinner.
Pastor Josh teaching us how to play card games. I’m doing science. 🙂

Abi is back behind the wall. 🙂
Learning how to mud.

Stapeling insulation.
We were cleaning the mud pans out and getting all wet because I *cough* may have *cough* not been paying attention with the hose. Then it started pouring……


This is proof of the messiness of mudding.
Sydney putting insulation up.

Pastor Josh sent this to our group chat. Everyone was trying to “out meme” each other. This was the best.

We tried to blow the cape out with the fan. It didn’t work

Mini dance party in the family room.

Kyra’s getting a picture of Spider Man (one of the spiders.) I like the way her cape flies up.
We always eat lunch at the pool. Fortunately, it didn’t start raining till after lunch.
The lunch treats.
Talking to the owner.
This is what our lunch looks like when we spread it.

Mrs. Hand got to cut all the insulation for us. She did great.

Thanks for reading all the way to the end! If you have any comments or questions, you can leave them below. Thanks!

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