Hurricane Harvey Relief Missions Trip Day 6

Hurricane Harvey Relief Missions Trip Day 6

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Our last “real” missions trip day! 🙁 It was incredible and I really saw God at work, even in just allowing me to go on this trip. He worked everything out so I had the amount of money I needed and everything fell into place so I could go.

Breakfast was burritos. They were quite delicious. Abi gave her devo in front of everyone this morning. Figuring out how to get to the job site is always kind of confusing, but we eventually got there. Kyra and I  arrived before anyone else, so we took pictures in front of the trash. Don’t ask me why. (Though it was a pretty impressive pile that we worked to form!)

When Alpha Wolf (we named all the cars. Alpha Wolf is Pastor Josh’s, Gray Squirrel or the Grahm Cracker is the Grahm’s car, and White Swan is the Hand’s.) arrived with its crew, we went inside and started mudding again. That’s actually what I did the whole day pretty well.

We were reminiscing on some of our favorite songs from when we were in AWANA and elementary school church classes. It was fun singing these and camp songs. We also listened to a playlist in which Kyra had compiled all her favorite “camp” songs. When we helped out at Springhill they played a song I believe was called Chainsaw by Family Force Five. It has some really fun moves to it, so we were dancing.

Also, when we listened to Unstoppable God, we would shout the last lines of the verses and follow along with a big ole out of tune “OOOOooooo”. We do that because of Youth Group. One of the weeks my sister and I were leading worship, the middle school boys just started shouting out the last sentences of the chorus (such as, “Let your glory go ON AND ON, impossible things in your name they SHALL BE DONE”). Then one of my friends Dad said, “OOOOooooo”.

Now we just do that. During lunch Mrs. Hand gave her devo. It was about how as Christians we are called to do God’s will. After lunch we did more mudding. I somehow managed to injure my ankle. We were listening to Chainsaw and dancing. My foot landed on an electrical plug and twisted. So yeah. Good thing it’s the last day! Those who know me are not surprised. I happen to be very accident prone.

I’ve been hopping everywhere. It’s kinda funny. Some homeowners came to dinner and shared their story’s. Man, they have been through some hard stuff. After dinner, our whole group, plus some RG staff sat in a circle and shared how other people in our group encouraged and uplifted each other. 

There is such a thing as an official bucket scoop!
Picking up the garbage.

Mrs. Hand dancing:-)
Dancing to Chainsaw.


We found a toad. Actually, we found two of them… Their names? Toad One and Toad Two.
I just thought this was cool. Water had dripped onto the tiles and made a cross.
Mrs. Hand and her oreos. 🙂
Jaclyn has beautiful hair.
We were taking pictures during a time when we didn’t have a job.
Moving the marble (I think that’s what it was?) countertop.
Mudding and taping the faucet area. We did it not to look pretty (cabinets are there and you wouldn’t see it anyway), but to make sure bugs don’t come in.

Abi accidentally left her water bottle on the hood of Alpha Wolf, so when it started moving she lost it. Kyra created this picture in memory of it.
We actually took this group picture before we left this morning.
This is a group picture of team one and the homeowners.
I injured myself.
We played Jenga during dinner. Look at the bottom of the stack.
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