Hurricane Harvey Relief Missions Trip Day 7-8

Hurricane Harvey Relief Missions Trip Day 7-8

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Happy Easter guys! He is risen!

The week went by so ridiculously fast. It’s crazy! We left around 9:47.

During the car ride we played a game called Hey Cow. It is the weirdest and the funnest game ever. When you’re passing by a pasture that has cows in it, you roll down your window and yell as loud as you can “HEY COW!!!” Then you count the amount that look up.  It’s fun to race against the other cars and see who has the most. (I do believe Alpha Wolf won).

Because I managed to injure myself this week, I got to stay in one car (The Graham’s again) the whole time. 🙂 As we were driving, the people in the White Swan were doing some sort of synchronized dance with their arms out the window. It was the goofiest thing.

We stopped and ate lunch at the Golden Corral. That restaurant is really delicious, but it’s buffet style so you have to go up and get your food. That’s a bit tricky when you have to hop. 😂 (Someone ended up grabbing me some food). 🙂 We ended up staying at a motel. We were a bit worried when we saw the sign as we pulled in, because it was all shredded. The rooms weren’t that bad, though. Pastor Josh later told us that that place had gotten hit by a tornado, so that explained the shredded sign.

These are some pictures of where we stayed.
There was a frantic hunt for the keys before we left.

At one of the stops.

Part of the Golden Corral.

Right before we left. The sun was so bright we are all squinting.

Today we managed to be on the road before 9:40. We walked (I hopped, and rode) over to the breakfast area. I believe our group took up pretty much all the tables.  We left right after eating and getting the cars loaded. I was in the Grey Squirrel again because my stuff is already there and there is more room.

While we were driving, we got a call from Morgan who was in the Hand’s car at the time. As her parents were driving the Grey Squirrel, they picked up. Suddenly we hear four voices reciting “Brown squirrel, brown squirrel shake your bushy tail. Brown squirrel, brown squirrel shake your bushy tail. Crinkle up your little nose put it down between your toes, brown squirrel, brown squirrel shake your bushy tail.” Then it changed to “Grey Squirrel, Grey squirrel…” In response, Mr. Graham shook the wheel so the back of the car shook.

Then we called the Hands and played the gummy bear song. It didn’t work, so they tested it on Abi’s phone to see which speaker to put it on so it would play louder. That time it worked.

Carson was supposed to do his devo in the car today. He was going to do it three times; once for each car. However, when he had gotten into the car, he discovered he left both his Bible and his devo at the hotel. Pastor Josh just decided he would do it at youth group on Wednesday night.

We stopped at Chipotle for lunch. Then, we left and started on the last stretch of our journey home. Everyone in the car I was in fell asleep, or close to it. We got to the Orchard around 4:30, which was better than we expected.  Sorr,y I don’t have that many pictures for today.

Sigh… Back in Illinois
This is where we ate breakfast.

This trip has really been amazing, and I’ve seen God at work many times. One thing Reach Global really stresses is “People over Projects,” meaning it doesn’t matter if the job gets done as long as you are pouring into the homeowners. Ours was MIA (he doesn’t live in Texas. The person I kept calling the homeowner is actually his brother who was living in the house). But, we got to meet his brother and his sister.

After hearing his brother’s story about all he’s been through and all the storms he’s weathered (see how I did that?) we prayed for him. Our last working day he shared that we gave him hope. For people to see us, strangers, people they don’t know, coming and fixing their houses and spending time pouring into them for no reason other then our love for Christ means a lot to them and is a big witness. This week was so worth my hair. 🙂

Thank you for reading about our trip! if you want to see Abi’s thoughts on this week, visit her blog here. 🙂 Also, Jaclyn made a video about the trip, Click here to watch it.


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