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At my youth group, we were talking about needing to fear God. And not just any fear; a real paralyzing fear that causes you to fall down as if dead (read Revelation 1). During the small group part of the night, my group was talking about comparing God to a loving Father Who takes care of and loves His kids.  That got me to thinking. Most of the time, parents want what’s best for their kids. When we get in trouble, though, we get terrified of what the punishment that will follow will be. A really terrifying, paralyzing fear.  Sometimes, though, when I get in trouble, Mom and Dad will do something incredible. They will forgive me. My punishment will be lessened, or completely taken away. Then I’ll  feel a deep relief because I have been forgiven. But the most amazing thing is that we compare God to a loving Father. He has forgiven us. The God that created the universe has forgiven us. Shouldn’t we, if we feel a sense of deep relief when our parents forgive us, feel an even more incredible sense of deep relief that He has forgiven us? He has forgiven us for killing His Son. He has forgiven us of every single sin we have ever committed. All we have to do is accept His gift. He has taken away our eternal condemnation and given us eternal life (John 3:16).


Now that is something we should really be thankful for.


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