Important update from American Girl!!!!!

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American Girl announced on Facebook yesterday, that they are getting rid of permapanties, reverting back to their original boxes and clothes are no longer going to be sewn to the box. Yay!  The update they posted is pictured below.



If you have any questions or comments please leave them below. Also if you want to find the post, it is on their Facebook page. Thank you!

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10 thoughts on “Important update from American Girl!!!!!

  1. Ugh, I’m writing this on the computer….i tried to put an emoji (between complaints & A) and i don’t think it showed up- just pretend there’s a *rolling the eyes emoji* here. 😉

  2. Hello my friend!
    Whew, am I glad AG got rid of the permapanties and the boxes. What were your thoughts on them? For me, I really didn’t want the new boxes, because the old ones made it seem like you were getting something so special.
    How are you?
    -Sara ❤❤ 😉

    • Hello Sara! Im really glad AG got rid of them as well! I did not like the new boxes, in my opinion they were really fragile and easily ripped. I am good, how are you?

      • Indeed, those boxes were horrible. :/ I never got any of those boxes, and I’m glad. Did you and Brynn open Tenney and Logan? And is it true that one of Logan’s eyes is smaller? I’m great, thanks so much! <3

  3. Me and Brynn haven’t opened Tenney and Logan yet. 🙁 Also I haven’t noticed that one of his eyes are smaller but I haven’t looked closely. <3 🙂

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