My American Girl Dolls

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Hi, I’m going to do a post showing what dolls I have and when I got them (If I can remember!) 🙂 I’m listing them from oldest doll to youngest, meaning the oldest doll to the newest. (So even though I got Kirsten last year, she goes first because she is Pleasant Company; versus Grace Thomas who was GOTY a couple of years ago!)


First, we will start with my oldest doll, Kirsten.

I actually just got her this past Christmas (2016) from a doll collector, so she was in perfect shape with all of her accessories. Unfortunately, when we visited our family in Wisconsin, one of my cousin’s dogs chewed on one of her hands, so she now has bite marks on her hand. 🙁  I think she might be a pre-Felicity Kirsten because in the pre-Beforever books they would show what other dolls you could buy at the time and the only other dolls in my Kirsten’s book are Samantha and Molly, but I’m not sure because her cloth color is tan. (When the original American Girl dolls first came out, they had white bodies but when Felicity was released AG changed that color to tan because Felicity has a lower neckline on her dress.)


Next in my list is Samantha.

She was my third American Girl doll, and I got her when I was 9, I think. Mom and Dad surprised me with her on my Birthday. They got her on e-bay and she came dressed in her meet, with her hat and her little bag.  She is the doll I look almost exactly alike.


I definitely know that those two are my oldest dolls, but it gets fuzzy from there. I think next is Felicity, who I got for Christmas two or three years ago. Mom and Dad got her at the benefit sale AG holds in Wisconsin every summer. She has Pleasant company stamped on the back of her neck, just like my Kirsten, my Samantha and my Kaya (fun fact about Kaya – She is the only doll who still gets to have pleasant company stamped on the back of her neck!).


I know, I know, bad picture. 🙂

Then I think Kaya came next?

I’m not sure. I got her when I turned 9 or 10. My younger sister Elie (Pronounced Ellie) gave me Kaya for my Birthday. Elie, who is the author of, used to like AG dolls when she was little but then gave up her love for dolls, and dispersed her three (Molly, Kaya, and JLY #57) among us (meaning Brynn and me). I got Kaya for my birthday along with her doll.IMG_1260

Kit I think is next. I got her when I was either 7 or 8 or 9. I actually sold the first doll I ever got to get her. She was  Just Like You (JLY) #57 I believe. I named her Elizabeth. (I regret selling her, but I don’t regret getting Kit!) Kit is a beautiful doll.

Her hair is very messy! ;-)
Her hair is very messy! 😉

Next might be Hanna/Hana (pronounced Han-a)

Hanna is a My American Girl #13  And I was originally planning to call her Samantha. Somehow though “Samantha” became “Hannah” and I accidentally spelled that wrong on Interstar U and it became “Hanna.” Then I refused to still call her Hannah because I liked Hanna better  (could have also had something to do with the fact that had recently read a book called  Hana’s suitcase  which was about a Jewish girl during the Holocaust. It was a very sad but a very good book. It eft an impression on me.) I was 8 when I got her.

Her dog is named Tino jr.
Her dog is named Tino jr.

Next is, uh, I think it might be McKenna. I got McKenna (GOTY 2012) a couple days before I turned 10 in October. she was a birthday present from my Mom and Dad. They got me her whole starter collection, meaning I got her, three outfits (not including her meet), and her accessories. It also came with both books.


Next, comes Grace Thomas. She is GOTY 2015, and a beautiful doll. I am so glad I got her. She has one of the funnest collections, but unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get a lot of it. What I do have is so pretty great though. She is really a great doll. 🙂


These next two you guys know I have. Well at least if you have read this post. Tenney and Logan! Actually, I haven’t opened them yet, I still have to pay mom and dad back. 😳But Tenney is really pretty, and Logan is fun to set stuff up for. Tenney and Logan are both mine and Brynn’s dolls. We share them.(Update: We finally opened both Tenney and Logan, and they are now residing happily in our dollhouse)IMG_0222

Next, I have Willa. She is a Welliewisher, and I got her in February of 2018. I love her! She has such five year old, curious, joyful expression.

Sorry about this pictures poor quality. It happens to be the only one I currently have of her.

Thank you for reading and sorry it is such a long post. Please leave your questions and comments below. If you want me to tell you all of my sister’s dolls let me know! 🙂


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