My First Stop Motion- An AGSM

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I have been trying to figure out how to make good stop motions with my phone and a Lego holder. Since that is the case, this may not be the best quality. 😂 Tell me what you think in the comments below.



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2 thoughts on “My First Stop Motion- An AGSM

  1. This is awesome!
    To make my films have better quality, I try to choose a fast FPS (Frames Per Second – I think that’s what it’s called..) I think 7 or so FPS is pretty good. Also, I like to put the camera at doll height, so that when you watch my videos it’s like you’re in their own little world. I hope you don’t mind me giving you a couple of tips – I’m definitely not an expert or anything, but I have learned some things from books and making a couple of stop motions.

    • Yeah. The thing about putting it at doll height makes sense. I don’t mind tips – I actually really appreciate them. Your stop motions are really good, so, I’m happy. 🙂

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