Book Mark DIY

Calling all fellow book geeks! Reading is awesome. But sadly, life doesn’t always allow you to read a book in one sitting, and we all know laying the book down open ruins the spine (plus non-book people tend to close them😔). That is where this craft comes in! Its a super fun, easy, messy craft, … Read moreBook Mark DIY

Hartian Family Vacation Day 6

We didn’t actually sleep in this morning, though we kind of lazed around.  Mom cooked a wonderful breakfast that consisted of eggs and donuts, which we ate as a great start to the day. Then we cleaned up, and slowly started getting ready to go to Sanibel Island. Then we looked at the time and hurried … Read moreHartian Family Vacation Day 6

Hartian Family Vacation Day 5

This morning we slept in till about 8:40, got up, I read my Bible, we ate a nice breakfast that mom cooked of eggs and bacon, looked at the time, then scrambled to get ready. We wanted to go to Lovers Key, and since it has a really nice beach and is great for shelling, … Read moreHartian Family Vacation Day 5

American Girl Doll Candy

So, with the Fourth Of July everyone is going to have a lot of candy. What better to do with the wrappers than turn them into doll candy? You will need: Marbles of assorted colors Tootsie Rolls, Dum-Dums, and bubble gum Scissors Hot glue Tiny (and I mean tiny) paper scraps Start by taking your … Read moreAmerican Girl Doll Candy

American Girl Ideas

Hey Guys, Sorry I haven’t posted anything in a while. I have been very busy!  Although, I have also discovered this website (actually my friend told me about it) called American Girl Ideas. American Girl Ideas posts a lot of crafts for American Girl dolls such as: How To Make Rey’s Costume And Staff, How To … Read moreAmerican Girl Ideas