Hartian Family Vacation Days 1-3

Since I had lots of people liking the last vacation series I did, I’m going to do another one. Thursday, Mom and Dad decided we should go down to Sanibel Island, Florida, because we have this week off. They found an AirB&B and booked it. We packed hurriedly that night and part of Friday morning. Then, … Read moreHartian Family Vacation Days 1-3

Important update from American Girl!!!!!

American Girl announced on Facebook yesterday, that they are getting rid of permapanties, reverting back to their original boxes and clothes are no longer going to be sewn to the box. Yay!  The update they posted is pictured below.   If you have any questions or comments please leave them below. Also if you want to … Read moreImportant update from American Girl!!!!!

Day 9-16 Of the Hartian Family Vacation

Sorry I haven’t posted any thing. Disney is so busy, and I got sick the first day. Then I was sick for the rest of the trip, and after we got home it was a flurry of school work and activities. So here is (briefly) what we did days 9-16 (this is going to be a super … Read moreDay 9-16 Of the Hartian Family Vacation

Day 7 of the Hartian Family Vacation – 2016

For breakfast we went with GUB to Honey Tree Cafe. I ordered pancakes and eggs over easy – It was delicious! The kids all finished early, and we got restless, so Miss Sandy (GUB’s friend), and mom took us outside. We were going to look at a pond in the back of the building, but … Read moreDay 7 of the Hartian Family Vacation – 2016

Day 5 of the Hartian Family Vacation

In the morning we went to Siesta Key Beach (which is just right outside our door) (literally) and my mom, dad, and I walked along the water collecting seashells while my siblings played in the water. We found a whole lot of animals including a starfish, a sea snail, several birds, and clams. We were there for … Read moreDay 5 of the Hartian Family Vacation

Day 4 of the Hartian Family Vacation

Today we mostly drove. It was about eight hours from Troy, Alabama to Sarasota, Florida. We drove along a really deserted stretch of road. Part of the time, we wouldn’t see another car or person for quite awhile! My siblings and I had to do homework. We stopped several times along the way; once was at … Read moreDay 4 of the Hartian Family Vacation

Day 2 of the Hartian Family Vacation – 2016

In the morning we drove to my uncle’s place near Troy, Alabama, stopping along the way for bathroom trips and lunch. He owns fifty-three acres there, and it is fun to explore with my siblings. Our cousin, Michael, lives there too, and he let us drive their lawn mower.  We also got to shoot my uncle’s BB … Read moreDay 2 of the Hartian Family Vacation – 2016

Day 1 of the Hartian Family Vacation – 2016

My family has decided to take a road trip to Alabama to visit my uncle and to Florida to visit Great Uncle Bill (GUB), go to Legoland, Disney, and also, we are probably going to stop at the American Girl store in Orlando, Florida. We left our house and have gone through: Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, … Read moreDay 1 of the Hartian Family Vacation – 2016

The History Of American Girl

Around 14 million American Girl dolls have been sold in the world, but most of the girls who own them have absolutely no clue as to how the company started; can you believe that?  So, I gathered as much info about the company as I could from friends, myself, and online and tried to explain it … Read moreThe History Of American Girl