Hartian Family Vacation Day 8

We were able to rent our condo for one more night, and so we decided to actually leave tomorrow instead of today. Yay!!!!! Warm weather for another day! Anyway, we left for the Edison and Ford Winter Estates. They were beautiful! Apparently, Edison and Ford were best friends. So much so that Ford moved his … Read moreHartian Family Vacation Day 8

Hartian Family Vacation Day 7

We had a slow start to our morning, eating breakfast late. The kids ate inside due to the fact that we kept getting bit by No-see-ums. We played Uno while we ate. It is an American themed Uno game with the pictures on the cards being jukeboxes, the Liberty Bell, the American flag, and an eagle … Read moreHartian Family Vacation Day 7

Hartian Family Vacation Day 6

We didn’t actually sleep in this morning, though we kind of lazed around.  Mom cooked a wonderful breakfast that consisted of eggs and donuts, which we ate as a great start to the day. Then we cleaned up, and slowly started getting ready to go to Sanibel Island. Then we looked at the time and hurried … Read moreHartian Family Vacation Day 6

Hartian Family Vacation Day 5

This morning we slept in till about 8:40, got up, I read my Bible, we ate a nice breakfast that mom cooked of eggs and bacon, looked at the time, then scrambled to get ready. We wanted to go to Lovers Key, and since it has a really nice beach and is great for shelling, … Read moreHartian Family Vacation Day 5

Day 7 of the Hartian Family Vacation – 2016

For breakfast we went with GUB to Honey Tree Cafe. I ordered pancakes and eggs over easy – It was delicious! The kids all finished early, and we got restless, so Miss Sandy (GUB’s friend), and mom took us outside. We were going to look at a pond in the back of the building, but … Read moreDay 7 of the Hartian Family Vacation – 2016

Day 6 of the Hartian Family Vacation – 2016

This morning we were going to go to a place called Toasted Mango for breakfast, but we went to bed late and got up late, thus we weren’t able to. After eating yogurt we had at the condo, we went to a beach called Manasota Beach, which some one told us yesterday we could find … Read moreDay 6 of the Hartian Family Vacation – 2016