Book Mark DIY

Calling all fellow book geeks! Reading is awesome. But sadly, life doesn’t always allow you to read a book in one sitting, and we all know laying the book down open ruins the spine (plus non-book people tend to close them😔). That is where this craft comes in! Its a super fun, easy, messy craft, … Read moreBook Mark DIY

Day 7 of the Hartian Family Vacation – 2016

For breakfast we went with GUB to Honey Tree Cafe. I ordered pancakes and eggs over easy – It was delicious! The kids all finished early, and we got restless, so Miss Sandy (GUB’s friend), and mom took us outside. We were going to look at a pond in the back of the building, but … Read moreDay 7 of the Hartian Family Vacation – 2016

How Samantha Came To Love Art

This is just a fun and silly story that I made up. Enjoy! This is the story of how Sam came to love art. One day, Samantha (Sam for short ) was bored. Sam was sitting on the window sill and staring out the window. She noticed the beautiful landscape and thought, “I wish I could draw that.” So, Sam … Read moreHow Samantha Came To Love Art