The Amazing Tales Of Max And Liz Series Book Review

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Jenny L Cote

The Amazing Tales Of Max And Liz, or The Epic Order Of The Seven – they are the same series.  Author, Jenny L. Cote, does a great job with keeping her readers captivated.

The series is about a team of animals that do missions for God, starting with Noah’s ark.

Their names are:

Max – a scotty dog with a big heart and a strong will towards helping others. Max is only afraid of two things; thunderstorms and swimming.

Kate – has a sweet and fiery attitude. She is a west highland terrier, and Max’s mate.

Liz – a petite French black cat. She is highly intelligent and ALWAYS wants to know how things work

Al – a large Irish cat, who loves eat. He is Liz’s mate, and unlike Max, he is afraid of everything.

Nigel- a charming British mouse who has an ear for music. He comes in at book 2 of the series, The Dreamer, The Schemer and The Robe.

Claire – a sweet white lamb. You won’t get to read about her until book 3 of the series, The Prophet, The Shepherd and The Star.

Gillamon – a wise mountain goat, and Max’s mentor.

These books are based on Christian faith. In them Ms. Cote takes you on journeys through different Bible stories. When I read them, they make the Bible come alive! It makes me want to read the Bible to find out more about the stories. This series is good for all ages and is one of my favorites.

I recommend you add it to your collection today! Let me know how you like it below.

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7 thoughts on “The Amazing Tales Of Max And Liz Series Book Review

  1. Hi Kenna,

    You did a GREAT job on your first book review! I’m going to check out these books to give to my grandkids. Keep reading and writing reviews! C.

      • Yes, I am a writer, and it is a wonderful gift from God! I’m so glad you are using it in this format. A blog is a great place to start and to share your gift with others. I’m excited to watch you hone your craft! C.

  2. My library does not carry those books, but I love Jenny Cote’s personality, and i would love to get all the max and liz books. Abby swanson

    • I definitely recommend getting all the books! Mrs. Cote is awesome! thank you for commenting Abby. How are you doing? My mom said that you can ask your library to order them and they buy them and stock them. Schaumburg did that when mom asked for a book.

  3. I’m honored, Kenna! Thank you for your wonderful review! It is my joy and privilege to write these books, and to see how they have impacted you is such a blessing. An author’s pen is fueled by the feedback of her readers, so thank you for filling my pen today!
    With Epic Love,

    • Thank you Mrs. Cote your the best author ever! Its and honor for me to have your comment on my blog! Thank You Thank You Thank You!

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