Ways To Save/Earn Money

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Saving up money for something big can be daunting. This post is just going to compile a list of ways you can earn money.

1. You can babysit. This actually pays really well. If you ask people for $8 – $10 an hour, then babysit for three hours, you get around thirty dollars.

2. This idea comes from my sister. You can petsit. This, also (depending on how much you ask for a day), can earn you a lot of money. Say you are watching someone’s pet for 3 days and you ask for 20 dollars a day. That is $60 earned towards whatever it is you are saving for.

3. You can start a business. Do you like to make jewelry? Make cards? Photography? Those are all things you can sell. A super easy way to start is by going to Etsy.com. You can open your own online store for very little. If you promote it, you can make lots of money.

4. Craft Fairs. These are fun, but not entirely reliable. For most of them you do have to pay an entry fee, and whether or not you make money is so-so. I do recommend doing one though. They are fun and you learn a lot.

5. Sell on Ebay or bricklink. On Ebay, you can sell pretty much anything you want. On bricklink though, as the name suggests, you can only sell Lego and Lego related items. You do need to pay for a few things, such as the postage stamp.

6. This suggestion will probably shock you, and then you will realize it makes sense. You can sell your hair.  I’m being serious!  Not everyone can sell their hair. It depends on the length, the thickness, and the quality of your hair. If you have died your hair, it probably won’t go for as much, because it is not virgin hair (that is hair that hasn’t been treated and has been washed with natural shampoo). I sold mine on hairsellon.com and made about half the cost of the missions trip that I was saving for. You do have to be careful, though. We sold it on that website, because it had been written on recently by the blog owners and seemed to be the most up to date one. YOU NEED TO DO RESEARCH BEFORE YOU SELL YOUR HAIR! There are scammers out there. Never get paid for your hair in cash. Only use your credit card. Also, ask for payment first, and don’t waiver. At all. Hair is actually really valuable, and sometimes if you give them your hair before payment, it can be stolen. If this sounds overwhelming, It really isn’t. It was a great experience and super fun.

7. Most importantly, give whatever this is to God. One of the reasons I was able to earn the money for my trip in around a month is because we gave it to God. He really took care of it for me.

I suppose since the title says ways to save/earn money I should include a few ways you can save money. 😝

  1. When you’re at a store and you see something you want, think before you buy it. Will I still want this in a month? A week? Tomorrow? When you’re saving for something big, if you buy smaller items, it will take you longer to get that big thing.
  2. Open a bank account. Some banks have programs for kids to open checking and savings accounts. Once you get your money, put it in a bank. That way you don’t have it on hand to buy small random stuff. 🙂
  3. Give the money to your parents to hold and say, “Don’t let me see this money until I have $_______”.

I hope that this list helps you. If you have any questions about the ideas on the list, you can ask them in the comments below. Thanks for reading! 🙂

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