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Left to right: Camille, Emerson, Willa, Kendall and Ashlyn.


American Girl has released a new line of dolls called WellieWishers. There are five dolls altogether: Ashlyn, Camille, Emerson, Kendall and Willa. Each doll comes with an outfit consisting of a skirt, shirt, undies, some sort off matching hair accessory, and little rubber wellies (think rain boots). They are 14.5″ tall, and their whole body is made of a hard plastic, which is good in case they get spilled on; in other words no cloth.

This line is for girls who may think themselves too old for bitty twins and bitty babies, but aren’t yet ready for the full fledged 18″ dolls. The WellieWishers eyes don’t close, but their hair isn’t rooted; it’s a wig like the other dolls so you will be able to style it, and you will need a wig brush to comb their hair.

Their collection does have matching girl-sized outfits and wellies. The cool thing about the boots is the fact that they are clear, so instead of buying five different pairs of boots, all you have to do is buy one pair, then the five pack of socks designed to look like the dolls’ wellies.

What do you think of the new Welliewishers line? Are you going to get one? Leave a comment below! welliewishers

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